9 Creative DIY Projects Using Dye (Plus A Giveaway!)

Let’s talk DIYs using dye! Today I’m bringing you a roundup of projects/tutorials that revolve around pigmentation. The process of dyeing has been around for ages, and we humans have obviously not grown tired of it! It all started with naturally-sourced dye—think berries and bark—which is still in practice today and probably will continue to attract interest with the natural & organic movement on the rise.

Check out these DIY projects using dye to get inspired, whether you are a newbie or just looking for ideas. And be sure to enter the giveaway: one lucky reader will win an Indigo Dye Kit! Scroll down for all the details and to enter.


By A Subtle Revelry
9 DIY Projects Using Dye: Dip-dyed bouquet wrap



By Sincerely, Kinsey
9 DIY Projects Using Dye: How to make a dyed cloth head wrap



By A Fabulous Fete
9 DIY Projects Using Dye: Naturally Dyed Cocktail Napkins

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Free Printable Elsie De Wolfe Quote Art

Free Printable Elsie De Wolfe Quote Art -- an 8 x 10 image designed by Evie from Domesticwhimsy.com

Today I bring you the first ever freebie on Domestic Whimsy! This quote–by Elsie De Wolfe–is a personal favorite of mine. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I found it. But when I did, it resonated with me.

These words speak to me (it sounds corny but it’s true) and serve as a reminder to let yourself seek and create beauty in your surroundings, not necessarily in just material things. I also love the deliberate nature of this statement. It’s not at all passive or apathetic…there’s definite passion here.

This printable Elsie De Wolfe quote art is totally free to download—I hope you love it!

For more quotes, check out my dedicated Pinterest board.

Read about Elsie de Wolfe in this Architectural Digest article.

Free Printable Terms:

1. You may download this file and print it or save it to a device.
2. You may not sell this work nor build upon it and credit yourself as the designer.
3. If you decide to share this image via social media, please link back or give credit to the author, Evie S. Johnson from Domestic Whimsy (http://domesticwhimsy.com)

Date, Banana, Coconut & Almond Butter Shake

Date-banana-coconut-almond butter-shake from domesticwhimsy.com

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a drink recipe with all of you. That said, I’m really happy to be telling you about this oh so sublime shake!

But let me back up. Before I describe the recipe at hand with you, I want to explain why we’re pairing all these ingredients together. (Besides the fact they produce a flavorful result.)

First, there’s coconut. I really love the combination of coconut and almonds! I fondly remember a particular coconut, almond and dark chocolate ice cream at Mallard Ice Cream in Bellingham, Washington (where I lived some time ago). I still think about that special treat.

Next, in go dates. Because they add natural, unrefined sweetness to the mix. They are also high in fiber and good minerals.

Now, onto bananas. Here we’re using one that’s frozen—the colder the better. Shakes love low temps!

Date-banana-coconut-almond butter-shake-recipe from Domesticwhimsy.com

Did I mention it’s Paleo, gluten-free, and vegan? You could say that’s the nutritional equivalent of a triple word score with only one remaining letter in Scrabble. Feel free to swap the almond butter for any other kind of nut butter.

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10 Red, White and Blue Treats Featuring Fruit

The 4th of July is soon upon us (it’s almost July?), and for many of you that means making festive red, white and blue treats!  For this post, I’m shining a light on recipes that not only fall into the proper color scheme but also include fruit. It wouldn’t be summer without berries and watermelon, am I right?

It’s worth mentioning that eight of the ten recipes featured are gluten-free! Plus, three of the following are sans dairy.

Triple Berry Frozen Smoothies //

By In Katrina’s Kitchen


Mini Berry Pavlovas //

By Checks and Spots


Red Velvet Berry Cobbler //

By Southern Living

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DIY Mail Holder from a Vintage Book Cover

Vintage-Reader's-Digest-Book-Cover-Mail-Holder by Domestic Whimsy

This DIY project is an homage to those old Reader’s Digest books. Well known for their signature cover patterns, these  condensed anthologies were in print for almost 50 years (source). (I would like to shake the hand of whoever’s idea it was to make the cover designs so uncommonly fun. Seriously, what a good idea that was!)

Recently, I bought some at a thrift store, not knowing exactlyhow I’d use them. This idea eventually came to me one day, and so I made sure to write down the concept (Murphy’s Law: I can’t recall the ideas that I don’t write down). I couldn’t wait to get started on making it and seeing if the vision I had could translate to a real 3-D mail holder. It’s nice to finally share it with all of you because that’s what this is all about.

Vintage-Reader's-Digest-Book-Cover-Mail-Holder by Domestic Whimsy

Try this DIY for an unconventional mail holder that’s functional, vintage-inspired and fun, all at the same time.


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