7 Easy DIY Jewelry Crafts (Plus A Giveaway!)

$75.00 Gift Card Giveaway to House of Gems! | Domestic Whimsy #giveaway

Today I bring you a double feature: a roundup of easy jewelry DIYs AND a giveaway announcement. House of Gems, an online retailer of jewelry-making supplies, is giving away one gift card worth $75.00! Are you in? Just scroll down through the post to enter!

And now for the main event, which is handmade jewelry inspiration! I have dabbled in making jewelry—mostly earrings and necklaces—since high school. There was a cool bead shop down the street from where I lived, and I would go there and gather enough beads and supplies to make simple bracelets and necklaces. This was pre-Etsy, pre-Pinterest, and before the DIY boom had started. In some ways, it feels like a lifetime ago!

Below are a some great examples of easy DIY jewelry. Check out these beginner-friendly projects that have a cute factor x 100 but won’t be super difficult to make!

DIY Hexi Earrings //

By Crafted


DIY Felt Arrow Necklace //

By Wild Olive


DIY Braided Leather Bracelet //

By A Pumpkin & A Princess
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Lemon + Thyme Toner

DIY Lemon Thyme + Witch Hazel Toner

I live in a climate referred to as “high desert”. While I don’t mind it, my skin does…a lot! It’s hopelessly sensitive, so I have to be careful with what I put on it. ‘Less is more’ has become my skin-care mantra.

That being said, this toner recipe was formulated with inflammatory and acne-prone skin in mind. If you’ve ever wanted to try making your own skin care products, this is an easy place to start!  (I promise–no lab coat or safety goggles required.)

DIY Lemon, Thyme + Witch Hazel Toner

What’s in it:

Thyme: an herb that has been shown to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
Lemon essential oil: has anti-inflammatory benefits and provides a clean, fresh scent (naturally).
Aloe Vera: tightens and calms the skin and provides antioxidants.
Witch Hazel: a natural astringent that is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

This DIY lemon + thyme toner has a scent like that of freshly grated lemon peel, thanks to the essential oil! It truly smells good enough to sip.

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Lately Loving: August 2014

Summer Bike Ride

Hey guys! Today is the start of a new series I shall call “Lately Loving”. Each month, I’ll share my 6 favorite reads/ideas/things of the moment with all of you. I would love it if you’d leave a comment and tell me what you’ve been loving lately, too!

Lately Loving…

1. Summer bike rides with my husband. It’s the best cheap date there ever was! (See photo above.)
2. These basic v-neck tees from Madewell. The fit isn’t too tight or too baggy. Plus, lots of color choices.
3. This camera strap DIY is calling my name. With my very first trip to Europe coming up, I might just have to make one for myself.
4. After the Jump, a podcast by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, has become a new favorite for its relevant discussions and insight.
5. I’ve got my eye on this Canadian creamed honey.
6. Lisa Rupp’s illustrations are just so pretty. I need one (or all) of these towels.

What’s been on your radar lately?

Commemorative Pressed Flowers

How to Press Flowers | Domestic Whimsy

Back in May, I tried pressing flowers for the first time, which was kind of a big deal for me. I mean, I had been planning and scheming for years about it. In hindsight, it seemed more complicated than it truly is. You really don’t need fancy materials or a big setup. Just a few supplies that you probably already have along with some patience and you’re set!

How to press flowers | Domestic Whimsy

The flowers were pressed by June. Then, in July, I scored a vintage brass picture frame at a yard sale. It was a special find, I knew, and could be the missing link to my pressed flowers project! A star DIY was born.  Learn how to make it over at Brave Girls Club, where I’m guest blogging. Click here for the full rundown!

ModCloth Sale: Save 20% on Home Decor

This post contains affiliate links; I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links (FTC disclosure).

Through August 3rd, there is a ModCloth sale on home decor! Discounted merchandise includes rugs, pillow, curtains and more . Remember, most orders qualify for free shipping with a minimum purchase of $50! You can also shop through Ebates to get cash back on your ModCloth purchase.

Here are a few items included in the sale:

Decor on Display Pillow


Flora and Fauna and Fabulous Curtain in Yellow

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