A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of Zazzle

Zazzle Home Decor

Ever heard of Zazzle? If not, allow me to introduce you. Zazzle is a mecca of an online store. You will find products ranging from coffee mugs to phone cases and even Disney’s Frozen merchandise. What’s so nice about this store is that you can (in many cases) personalize what you’re buying!

It is also a place where artists and designers can earn revenue. Upload your art/design onto a product and if it sells, you earn a commission. (The difference between Zazzle and say, Etsy, is that the products are all manufactured and sold by Zazzle.)

One of my favorite things to do online is window shop–or should I call it screen shop? I couldn’t help but peruse all the different home decor wares. There’s something for everyone, I tell you! With the holiday season in our midst, Zazzle is a front-runner for its gift selection.

The Zazzle home decor products shown above:

1. Floral Switch plate cover 2. Gems kitchen towel 3. Fox wall clock 4. Copper coasters (set of 6) 5. Geometric Black & Cream Throw Pillow 6. Carpe Diem Art Print

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Free Printable Autumn Quote Art!

Free Printable Albert Camus Quote Art

Autumn is here and in full force! So many people (myself included) love this time of year—it’s hard to imagine being disgruntled by colorful leaves and pumpkin patches. All of it is charming!

Being the unabashed fan of foliage that I am, I designed this printable quote art featuring sage words by Albert Camus: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” The dimensions are 8×10 but you could scale it down if needed.

To “unlock” the download, please tweet, like or +1 this post below. I hope you are having a cozy fall!

Check out my other free quote art.

Get fall-themed ideas and recipes here.

Free Printable Terms:

1. You may download this file and print it or save it to a device.
2. You may not sell this work nor build upon it and credit yourself as the designer.
3. If sharing this work via social media, please link back or give credit to the author, Evie S. Johnson from Domestic Whimsy (http://domesticwhimsy.com).


Savory Zucchini Scones with Cheese & Basil

Ever tried a savory scone? This recipe will make you a believer! Zucchini, basil and two different cheeses lend tons of flavor to these standout scones.

Cheesy Zucchini & Basil Scones: Savory, flaky and buttery--enjoy these with any meal or as a snack! Via Domesticwhimsy.com

Scones are undoubtedly in my top 5 of favorite baked goods. I’ve just always taken a shine to them. (Carbs + butter = heaven.) Not till recently, though, did I find interest in savory scones, which instantly became a mild obsession. Countless Google searches and Pinterest perusing followed. What came of that curiosity is this recipe for zucchini scones. Also: an appreciation for sneaking vegetables into otherwise non-nutritious food.

It’s fair to assume that many of you have had your fill of zucchini for the year…and I don’t blame you! But if your garden is still producing it or your friend kindly brought you a big ol’ zucchini the size of an infant, you’ve got to do something with it, right?? 

So, grate that squash up and make scones with it!

These have many of the qualities of a traditional scone, except they aren’t sweet. I like how the basil, cheddar and feta punch up the flavor. Zucchini is pretty mild, which makes it compatible with other ingredients. It really is the friendly neighbor of vegetables.

Cheesy Zucchini & Basil Scones: Savory, flaky and buttery--enjoy these with any meal or as a snack! Via Domesticwhimsy.com

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Lately Loving: September 2014 (Italy Themed)

Rome, Italy | Picture by Evie S. Johnson {Domestic Whimsy}

Hey there! I haven’t been able to post in what feels like a very long time. But I have a good excuse: I went to Italy! It was my first trip to Europe. My Mom went with me and we traveled first to Rome, then Florence.

I got back just a few days ago. It’s funny how an experience can seem like a dream, as if it happened in your imagination. That’s how I feel about this trip! The whole time I was practically in awe. So I thought I would dedicate this month’s “lately loving” to what I especially loved about it (besides the daily cappuccinos)!

Lately Loving…

1. Organic gelato from Edoardo in Florence. This quaint shop near the Duomo whips up delicious gelato that’s free of preservatives and chemical dyes. As you wait for your sugar fix, you can watch waffle cones get made, which consequently makes the whole place smell like toasted vanilla. I LOVED the cannella (cinnamon) gelato!

2. Walking the streets of Rome. It’s a trip for your senses and a practice in being “present” and awake to whatever was happening around me. That includes paying attention at busy intersections, where automobiles appear to going in every direction!

3. Burrata! It’s an Italian formaggio that I would like to have at every meal if I could. Its name means “buttery” in Italian, so that’s really saying something. Feeling ambitious? Try this burrata recipe from Food Republic.

4. Relaxing & people watching in piazzas. They’re everywhere—some are tucked between buildings, others as large as a city block. The Piazza della Rotonda, in Rome, stood out for its cozy size and up-close view of the Pantheon.

5. The village of Monteriggioni. This was the highlight of the wine tour that we did. We didn’t get that much time to spend there, but I managed to get a few pictures before sunset! Below is a picture of its piazza.

6. The movie Roman Holiday. I only just saw it for the first time. How convenient that it’s streaming on Netflix!

Monteriggioni, Italy | Photo by Evie S. Johnson {Domestic Whimsy}

Have you been to Italy? Leave a comment and fill me in on when you went, what you liked the most or, if you haven’t been, where you’d like to go! Amalfi coast, anyone?

7 Easy DIY Jewelry Crafts (Plus A Giveaway!)

$75.00 Gift Card Giveaway to House of Gems! | Domestic Whimsy #giveaway

Today I bring you a double feature: a roundup of easy jewelry DIYs AND a giveaway announcement. House of Gems, an online retailer of jewelry-making supplies, is giving away one gift card worth $75.00! Are you in? Just scroll down through the post to enter!

And now for the main event, which is handmade jewelry inspiration! I have dabbled in making jewelry—mostly earrings and necklaces—since high school. There was a cool bead shop down the street from where I lived, and I would go there and gather enough beads and supplies to make simple bracelets and necklaces. This was pre-Etsy, pre-Pinterest, and before the DIY boom had started. In some ways, it feels like a lifetime ago!

Below are a some great examples of easy DIY jewelry. Check out these beginner-friendly projects that have a cute factor x 100 but won’t be super difficult to make!

DIY Hexi Earrings //

By Crafted


DIY Felt Arrow Necklace //

By Wild Olive


DIY Braided Leather Bracelet //

By A Pumpkin & A Princess
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